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Kanye West Really Stepped in it This Time!
Don't Tread Lightly in Harlem

Kanye West needs to be more careful stepping out of a car in Harlem.  Real gansters don't pick up dog s%*@!

Real gangsters don't take s@#* from anyone. They especially don't take it off a dog. That fact is too bad for big super stars so used to living the high life that they have trouble keeping it real. It is too bad for him that even tough body guards can't keep him safe from some dog crap.

Watching your step on the streets in Harlem is a good idea. And of course that means in every sense of the word.

Normally it would not be a good idea to keep some separation between Kanye West and 50 Cent due to their beef. I think in this case things might be a little different!

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