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50 Cent Sees a Shrink
A Mash-up w/ Fiddy Interview

What if 50 Cent went to go talk to a shrink? Well, that is what this video tries to capture with its tone and mood. Fiddy (real name Curtis Jackson) answers some pretty personal questions.

So it is pretty easy to spot the fact that this is just a mash-up of some questions from a movie spliced together with some interview footage of 50 Cent. The end result is to make it seem like Fiddy is talking to a shrink. Obviously this is not going to fool anyone, but it is done well enough to be kinda funny and pretty entertaining.

The interview is really about the movie Get Rich or Die Trying although the way this is spliced together it does a fair job of making it seem possible that he is really talking about different personalities or something.

The best part of the footage is the fact that they have some nice b-reel type clips spliced in too, where Fiddy is just looking off listening to the questions and one part where he yawns. These touches go a long way in giving the effect of a session with a shrink. Pretty clever overall.

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