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50 Cent Interview
after Floyd MayWeather Fight vs. Oscar De La Hoya

50 Cent Interview after the Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd MayWeather Fight. Interview and video by

The shirt that Fiddy has on is funny! I love what he says about "You gotta know when to fall back." That's true!

50 Cent is probably a boxing fan because he's sees the similarities between boxing and rap. When some one wants to challenge you, you gotta be ready to go toe-to-toe with them.

When 50 Cent was coming up he had to challenge the big boys to make it to the top of the rap game. Now that he is on top the young generation knows that he is on the thrown and they want to start beef.

Is 50 Cent a Floyd Mayweather fan simply because they share a similar cultural and racial background, or is it that he thinks Oscar De La Hoya is a bit of a pretty boy while Mayweather has street cred?

Special thanks to for this video and interview of 50 Cent.

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