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Wanna Be Fiddy Rapper!
Some dude out there rappin also tryin' to use the name Fiddy!

Some haters got the idea to visit the 50 state capitals in the US and make a video blog series about it. One of the dudes calls himself Fiddy and in this the last webisode even puts his hand at making a rap music video.

These wanna be gansters probably are not from the hood and have no street cred. They do, however, have a website called The idea of traveling so much is in theory interesting and can draw some attention. But, these things as they go in practice often turn out to be less interesting than anticipated. Or at least that is what I learned from the Beatles Magical Myster Tour.

I suppose it is true what they, that imitation is the highest form of flattery. These two really white guys try to use rap music to be cool. Unfortunately white guys rapping can never be considered all that cool.

The lyrics to the rap are somewhat interesting, as the idea is of visiting all 50 states. However, the whole things really does not seem all that newsworthy. The little dance moves they try in the video are also entertaining, but nothing hugely memorable.

50 cent does not have to worry about any threat to his hold on the rap game, at least not from these guys. Also, no matter how many dudes like this try and imitate 50 Cent there will always be one and only one true Fiddy!

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