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Every Eminem Song Ever!
Shady 8 Mile Version

Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady, is without a doubt one of the most successful rap stars to make hip hop music. Album sales and fan loyalty, as well as critical acclaim give him the stamp of one of the all time greats. His ability to stir controversy has helped him to garner publicity.

Those fans who have followed his music over the course of his career will note that beneath the shock value of many of his songs some consistent themes come through in his music.

These themes that Eminem has rapped about, especially on his two most recent albums "The Eminem Show" and "Encore," have close ties to his Detroit roots. The semi-autobiographical movie 8 Mile may have added to this trend toward self-references in his material. But can you really fault a musician for addressing those topics which he knows most about?

What does Eminem know most about? Well if his music tells us anything, the things he knows most about include: Detroit, Shady, Hailey, Mom, Kim, Dr. Dre, 8 Mile, and trailer park. Of course Em raps about other things, but Slim Shady keeps coming back to these topics!

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