Generally Awesome presents
Hey There Delilah Remix!
Danse Daimons

The song Hey There Delilah has seen some serious radio time in the US. Now this remix of the hit song by the chicago based band Plain White T's comes to us featuring a great rap track by Danse Daimons.

Rock and pop song hooks infused with some hip-hop originality have resulted in some great musical creations. This is one more success in that tradition.

Tom Higgenson (Plain White T's) is the voice of Hey there Delilah and he sings of his love for Delilah. Higgenson misses Delilah who is far from him, but also has faith in their love and knows that the ties between them are very strong and so they make an inseparable pair. This belief of Higgenson proved wrong with DanSe DaiMons gaining his girlfriend and making fun of him in the remixed rap version of Hey There Delilah. DaiMons displays himself as better than Tom, as Delilah ditched him for DaiMons.!

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