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Slim Shady to release memoirs titled 'The Way I am'

The title of his memoirs is a quote from his music. "I am whatever you say I am, If I wasn't then why would I say I am. I don't know, that just the way I am." The video news segment give some clue as to what the book will contain.

Since Eminem's music is already so autobiographical it will be interesting to see what new revelations (if any) it contains.

He already sings about his mom, his wife, and his daughter (see video below for a spoof of this fact). So who knows what he'll say about them in his book.

There is no doubt that Eminem is good at generating a hype and buzz around anything that he touches. Will the whole tell-all book idea turn out to be a commerical success for Mr. Mathers. Em showed his versatility to be able to act in 8 Mile. Perhaps with "The Way I Am" Eminem is waiting to reveal another area of talent to wow the critics and dazzle his fans.

Apologies for the fact that the end of the news segment talks about other music stuff, like reunion of the Verve and Disney's planned relase of a guitar-hero-like video game for the Nintendo Wii.

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